Still Life With Frock

I once heard a man lovingly refer to his annoying wife as pear shaped woman. It was at my wedding i think, and no, it wasn’t me….

Alternate titles for this might have been:
“A pear, even in satin, is still a pear”
“Yes, but it looks good on
“Satin 1. Pear 0.”
There’s something about this shape, and it’s need to be draped in satin, that has a similar allure as a flame might for a moth.
Why? I have no idea.
A study of reflective cloth, and fruit skin. That being said, i didn’t actually dress up a pear in a delightful lavender number, rather the scars on my brain, from witnessing outfits such as this, on nights out in Limerick, provided all the reference i needed.
Submitted for Illustration Friday topic Artificial –
“Sick of the artificial women in the media? Behold: the real shape of things to come.”

Used in local rag’s New Year’s Resolution article.

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