Submitted for Illustration Friday topic “Beneath”.

I had worked through a few idea for this one, intending to go with the main gist that something would be partly submerged, one thing on the top, and beneath it turns out to be something else, eg, an island that is actually the shell of a turtle, sort of thing….

I had a sketch of an ‘island’ and the water line, then moved down and it ended up looking a bit like a body floating backside up. Then it got tied up in ropes. The i added a weight to it. Then going back to the ‘island’, i drew a palm tree, coconuts and a monkey…. it all got a bit stupid  – looked like the tree was sticking outta the date –  so i pulled back to just the body completely submerged.

Decided to try a new ‘medium’ of Painter 11 that i haven’t used, the Airbrush. I quite like it , but it’ll take some getting used to! Might need to look at getting one of these if i want to keep using it….

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