Australian Christmas

Headed back to the sunshine of home for Christmas 2009, and painted this as a Christmas card to irritate the loved ones we’d left behind to what turned out the be one of the most bitterly cold winters on record in Ireland.

Having spent the previous 4 Christmas’ in the northern hemisphere, I’ve come to see the relevance the of icicles, snow men, and rugging up warm connotations that come with this time of year. This was my boys second Christmas, the first being in Ireland, and i wanted to see how he’d go building a snow man in the sand.

The Runner

Quick sketch of a beer bellied man in a large hat running nude though a post apocalyptic wasteland.

I can’t really explain this one, other that i was doing a study of shadows on the man, and clothes got in the way; and also doing a study of background-as-pale-blur.
I’ve plans to revisit this at some point, but I’m not sure why….

Swamp Man

Quick sketch of a swamp dwelling man. Wanted a feeling of wisdom and patience, with a twinkle in the eye.

The swamp scenes from Ten Canoes got me thinking about how one might live in such an area. Clearly, you’d need stilt legs.

I’ve plans ot revisit this at some stage…

The Girl On The Hill

Quick sketch of a girl in a hill, with a fantasy vibe. Wanted a curious expression, and a posture of contained anticipation.

Like she’s wondering whether to hurt someone or not, but in a nice way.
I’ve plans to revisit this at some stage….

The Man Who Ran Away From The Circus

Based on a lyric from a song of the same name, by Sydney band, Karma County.

“The man who ran away from the circus
said it wasn’t fun any.more.
The fat lady just got fatter,
the strong man, he got wasted all the time.”
This was actually started in Photosop when i first got the wacom, and was finished in Painter.