The Gorilla

Don’t afraid. He only eats graps…

One in a series of animals I’m working on.

This took a while, primarily because of the hair. First real attempt at doing any kind of hair, and it was tricky getting both the colour right and the underlying form of the muscle looking right.

The Newt

He’s really quite serious.

One in a series of animals I’m working on.
Interesting Woking on the skin and trying to get it to look the smooth semi-translucent look these guys have. Never realised there were so many variation in the colours too. Awesome.

The Parrot

“Squawk – fancy that!”

One in a series of animals I’m working on.
Really quite happy with the attitude caught in this one, and with the way the feathers turned out – without having to go into too much detail.


A blend of maybe elephant, tortoise and insect. If I thought I wouldn’t ruin it by continuing, I’d paint in the small fire it’s supposed to be standing beside, that is warming the girl who was lost on the coast where it lives.

Maybe I’ll revisit it later….

Australian Christmas

Headed back to the sunshine of home for Christmas 2009, and painted this as a Christmas card to irritate the loved ones we’d left behind to what turned out the be one of the most bitterly cold winters on record in Ireland.

Having spent the previous 4 Christmas’ in the northern hemisphere, I’ve come to see the relevance the of icicles, snow men, and rugging up warm connotations that come with this time of year. This was my boys second Christmas, the first being in Ireland, and i wanted to see how he’d go building a snow man in the sand.

The Man Who Ran Away From The Circus

Based on a lyric from a song of the same name, by Sydney band, Karma County.

“The man who ran away from the circus
said it wasn’t fun any.more.
The fat lady just got fatter,
the strong man, he got wasted all the time.”
This was actually started in Photosop when i first got the wacom, and was finished in Painter.